December 2008 part 2

Hettie shared her birthday cakes with Aunty Sarah again so this time I made lots of cup cakes with pink icing, glitter, silver balls and flowers. At some point I’m going to have to learn how to make the flowers and other decorations…

The cakes were specifically vanilla as ordered by Sarah. Phil took these rather lovely shots of them as we’re combining both our passions, mine being baking and his being photographing (and then eating) what I make!
Hettie enjoyed eating the icing first. Again I’m quite happy with these cakes, they look wonderful together on mum’s old fashioned glass cake stand.

I forgot to put a couple of other pictures of cakes I made in 2008 including the first roulade I made for a competition at work. I didn’t win, but it was the best raspberry roulade I’ve ever made!

Also some cakes I had commissioned for Phil’s 30th birthday party with Star Wars characters from Konditor and Cook a bit sickly to eat but great fun to look at!