December 2008

Hettie’s birthday cakes finally get a blog! As she has been under-represented so far, I made her two cakes, one for her birthday party and one for her actual birthday. So she can have two blog entries.
Birthday cake for the birthday party.
Hettie’s theme for her 2nd birthday party was Charlie and Lola so I used a butterfly as that’s a familiar theme in the stories.
I really enjoyed making this cake. Again a chocolate sponge mix but with three colours of butter cream and as many sweets as I could find to stick on it. I had also invested in some edible glitter which I think is just magic for children’s cakes. Again I think it could have had a bit more icing but I’m really proud of this cake!
And Hettie had a Charlie and Lola mural showing the blocks of flats where they live made from collage pictures of windows on painted buildings.
I really like Lauren Child’s style of collage mixed with painted images. I’ve also found Helen Darik who is an illustrator fond of Lauren Child as well. Helen is represented by Lila Rogers in New York.