September 2008

Firstly I’m sorry to my little Hettie who did have a 1st birthday cake, shared with Aunty Sarah but we didn’t take any photos when it was in one piece!
It was a lovely chocolate ring cake and Aunty Sarah had half on Christmas Eve and Hettie had the other half on Boxing Day. I don’t think Hettie noticed that it was half a cake, I told her it was a big smile. I made up for it for her second birthday however.
So, back to Millie’s 3rd birthday which had a Harry Potter theme so this time the easiest shape I could think of was a witch’s hat. Millie dressed up as Hermoine and Hettie went as Dobbie the House Elf. She was the best House Elf I’ve ever seen.
Here’s my attempt at a witch’s hat. It was a beast to cook, using three batches of my 8, 8, 8 and 4 recipe for chocolate sponge.
And here’s my mural showing Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry complete with flying witches, Quidditch rings and Hagrid’s house.

I also made some cup cakes with spiders, bats, broomsticks and lightening. Also there’s some wizard hat pasties.

I found this blog link and a great pictures of some witch’s hat cupcakes on
And here’s a couple of other images that I’ll aspire to for future creations. I like the idea of a tall hat, made up of discs of cake piled up on top of each other and secured with a skewer in the middle. Hmmm…next time…

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