30th Birthday cupcakes

This week I mostly made cup cakes for our old Nanny Julie’s 30th birthday party. I made these as a present for her on Saturday as we were unable to go to her party. I’m quite pleased with the icing decorations I made although I still think I need to do more swirls. Also I think that a flooded cake looks better with a swirl on top, its just neater.

It was good practise though, especially at making a larger quantity. I made about 60 cakes in all although I wasn’t concentrating on the first batch and they came out a bit too doughy.

I’m going to do a bit more experiementing with the cake batter as I’m not convinced I’ve got the right mix yet.

Also some of the cakes came away from the paper which I’ve never experienced before so not sure what happened there. Storage is a big issue too, how to store them carefully overnight to ice the following day – or should I make and ice in one day and put toppings on at the last moment. All verycomplicated.
The text worked though and I enjoyed the royal icing piping. I think the swirls need to be a bit more solid too, perhaps the butter was too soft.

I had fun experimenting with what I could draw in icing and did a range of my favourite modernist furniture – see if you can spot the Barcelona chair, the Artichoke light, the Thonet B33 chair, the Eames molded plywood chair and a couple 50s inspired leaves and an owl in there too.