Lots of baking…good for post operative recovery…

This week I have been off recovering from a small operation which involved some stitches and recovery has been easier standing up than sitting….so, what else to do but bake in between resting of course.

First I tried out an idea for the wedding cake test box I’m making next week. One of the suggestions was to use fresh strawberries so I used strawberries in the buttercream and added a dollop of strawberry jam hidden in the cake itself.
The strawberries added to buttercream was a bit of trial and error to then get consistency right again as the berries added so much liquid.
I’m going to experiment with using a reduced strawberry coulis rather than just throwing them in the mixer next time. Other than that they tasted delicious – according to my panel of testers across the road.
Next…Phil wanted some cupcakes to take into work for a presentation learning session he was running last week. So I make the cakes and toppings and he iced them when I was in hospital.
Nice joint effort. I did point out that I would have flooded them up to the top of the paper cases but he didn’t mind…

Next…One of our friends was having a birthday party for her 3 year old daughter and I offered to make some cupcakes for the party. There was a sport theme but I didn’t rise to the challenge of making sports day equipment in sugarpaste! It was slightly easier to make lovely girlie coloured toppings and icings.

Next….and finally Pirates and Princess cupcakes for Maddie’s 4th Birthday party on Saturday. We’ve all been partied out this weekend and had a great time. I really enjoyed making these cakes with thanks to all the inspiration from Flickr and Blogs on what pirate faces look like and how I could make them. It was labour intensive but lots of fun.

The princess cakes were simple with jewel encrusted glittery crowns and a range of flowers. Pirate faces along side coins, hooks and anchors were displayed on the other stand which gave it a retro 60s feel! All went down very well and I’m very happy that I did a children’s themed party…

Next week a wedding taster box and a couple of dozen cakes for some lucky teachers….