Birthday cupcakes for Sarah-Lou

This weekend it was our nanny’s birthday and she asked for pink pink pink cupcakes. So this is what I made for her!  I tried out my new shoe cutter, hand painted, which I think worked well.



I was also testing some new flavours out – mandarin and cream cheese icing and chocolate ganache.  I also tried out a recipe for cucpakes with cream cheese in them…but they were so strange with the mix of plain and SR flour that I chucked them in the bin.  I think I might not have paid enough attention to the recipe, oven temperature and timings but they were a cross between a pancake/cake and scone. Weird.

Here’s the mandarin cream cheese cakes.  The mandarin wasn’t really strong enough so I’m going to have to investigate how I can make that stronger.


Chocolate and me don’t get on. I made a brilliant chocolate ganache up to the point where, based on lots of advice from a variety of sources, I put it in the fridge for a few hours and then attempted to beat it so I could pipe it onto cupcakes.  However either I whipped it too much or when it wasn’t warm enough or what ever but it does that thing that chocolate does when it gets temperamental and goes from being a nice smooth consistency to looking like its curdled.  Annoying to say the least.  I will have another go as I am determined to master chocolate ganache, whipped and iced on a cake. I won’t post a picture of the disaster, or of the truffles Phil tried to make from it.  Instead I will post a picture of good old, reliable, chocolate buttercream.