Owls for Fiona

This weekend was another adventure in learning to create cupcakes to a theme.  Jake asked me to make chocolate and owl themed cakes for Fiona’s birthday so I dutifully spent days perfecting a chocolate ganache buttercream….which, in the end, happened quite by accident.  What fortune in accidents though as I now have a pretty much indestructable chocolate ganache buttercream which was so delicious. IMG_8963

Following the perfection of the extra special buttercream I then set about creating the owls, roses and leaves to go on top.  Phil did point out, as is his way, that the scale was a little off but I told him to use his imagination and that these were a particular kind of minature owl….or a particular kind of giant leaf….Either way, I had to work with what I had…giant leaves, small owls.



I was a bit over excited with the prospect of buttercreaming a large cake and then having such a bigger surface to decorate than the usual cupcake so I think I could probably tone down the decoration a little bit next time. It’s quite a crowded tree up there.


And perhaps two types of leaves is unncessary.  Next time I think I’ll make two of these cakes sandwiched together so the cake is a bit taller, then some of the owls could have sat on the sides.


But I’m happy with the finished products although, once again the paper cases were really testing my patience this week.  I think this is all to do with the moisture getting into them on cooling. I think I left them sitting in the baking tray for too long and they all peeled away from the paper. So frustrating but I have learnt not to do that again.