Wedding tower

On Friday I made my first wedding tower of cupcakes for my friend at work.  He very kindly let me make his evening wedding cakes and I learnt lots about making large numbers of cakes, storage, delivery and setting up as well as how long things can take.  It was really a great experience and I’m really grateful to Jon and Lucy for letting me do this.

Here’s the top cupcake which I suddenly decided needed to stand out a bit more than the other cakes. I’m so glad I did and equally glad that Wendy helped me make these – thanks Wendy who is turning out to be a bit of a star sugar paste manipulator and royal icing dot piper.


It was a quite a picture to see 150 cakes on my dining room table all iced and glittered in their New York theme. I really understand the value of some of the hand piping and hand cut sugar paste and how they are so time consuming.


Here’s the lot of cakes, just after a liberal dusting of glitter.



The lighting wasn’t great and although Phil had set the camera to deal with low level lighting I could have done with him there to fiddle around with ISO and apertures etc which I have little knowledge of. But I think you can see the final 10 tier stand of cakes in the photo just about clearly enough.


And of course the tiers don’t actually hold that many cakes, so nearly half of the cakes spilled out onto the table. I think this looked ok though.

Coming up next, a two work colleagues share a box of cakes and a friend and her husband celebrate their 40th birthdays with a pub quiz, pie and cupcake!  Then of course it’s Millie’s birthday and a bit of a surprise for another friend….


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