Healthy cakes…

I’ve been thinking for sometime now about what I want to bring to the Little Bird Bakery as the unique selling point, or something that is important to me and can become part of the brand. Immediately I started thinking about what is important, such as local fresh produce, home made, and that cake can be incredibly unhealthy! So I started thinking about the golden ‘5’ a day and wondered if I could incorporate this into my cakes in some way.

As I was in a supermarket this week I noticed a new book on the shelves called Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache. I picked it up and was, in minutes, convinced that I too should have written this book. Harry Eastwood, who did write it, and has also written ‘Eat yourself Thin’ has a philosophy that is very akin to my own. Harry EastwoodCakes should be eaten and not seen as a once in a blue moon treat. Cakes, to that end, can and should be healthier versions than the cholesterol sandwiched, processed, nutritionally void, diabetics death wish on the supermarket shelves. Eastwood agrees that when you can’t taste the butter, why use it? Soft, bouncy, moist cakes can be made by whisking sugar and eggs, you don’t need the fat. Cakes can also, as she has proven in her book, be made out of a vast array of vegetables, from the ‘water’ veg including courgettes and marrow to the ‘woody’ veg including pumpkins, potatoes and carrots. We also know carrot cake has grated carrot in it, but a simple vanilla sponge can also be laced, gracefuly and subtly with courgettes. Red Velvet for instance should always have beetroot in it, why on earth wouldn’t it?

So, I have recently made a couple of gluten free cakes and although I haven’t had time to experiment with vegetables yet, I have definitely decided to try some out on some unsuspecting colleagues next week for National Cupcake Week!

Here’s a couple of images of the plum and almond and chocolate and almond cakes I made last week.IMG_9993-2IMG_9994