Monthly Archives: September 2009

Little Bird Bakery

So the big piece of news for the week was that I have finally chosen a name for when I set up my business.  The Little Bird Bakery has had very good reviews from friends and family, it encompasses what I can see from my kitchen window and also has the added advantage of having a neat strap line ‘ a little birdie told me about your cakes’ which is what is currently happening! So I’m really happy and all thanks go to my sister for the brain wave. She wins the box of cakes.

You know when you decide upon something and then all of a sudden everything becomes connected to that thing? I took Hettie for a tour round IKEA on Sunday and saw many references to little birds.

The first was this lovely kitchen tray, which I had to buy…

Ikea tray

And the second was this lovely fabric which they have unfortunately sold out of at the moment but I might be tempted to go back and buy it next time.

Ikea fabric

I also bought this lovely cake stand

IKEA cake stand

And have to go back and buy this one too

IKEA cake stand with lid