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Anniversary cupcakes









Our friends Colin and Jill were going to Colin’s parents’ anniversary at the weekend and wanted to take a few cakes with them for the family to enjoy.  I made them some strawberry swirl cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries on top.  A few sugarpaste decorations topped them off.

They were quite yummy. Strawberries are such a winner in cakes.


Evening training event

Recently a neighbour of mine asked me to show some of the women in her ‘Groworms’ group how to make cake toppings.  It was a great chance for me to try out teaching others some of the basics of sugarpaste, royal icing and buttercream swirls.  We only had 2 1/2 hours to cram it all in but I think they were all happy.  I bought some nasty cheap little cakes from Tesco for them to practise on and they took home about 3 of my cakes each. The group was quite large (I think 12 in all) and we only just squashed around the table.  What was lovely was that some mums and daughters came (and mums and sons too!) to join in the fun together.


 And yes, because it was a Friday night, we had a few glasses of wine to help the artistic talents to flow.


There was some real talent out there and I’ve made a note of a few people I will be calling on to help when I’ve got some big orders to work on!

I’ve just been asked to do another one of these type of evening events so hopefully this will be another string to my bow.

Hen nights, parties, family get togethers, team building exercises?!?! There are no limits with a bit of cake and some buttercream! Thanks to Wendy for organising and hosting the event.

Birthday cupcakes

It’s been a while since I’ve posted…I’ve been busy with baking and also having a bit of a rest and doing more sampling and research. Always a delight!.


Here are some triple chocolate cupcakes I made for Anna’s birthday.  Double chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache butter cream topped with a chunk of Dairy Milk, flake or crunchie.


They didn’t last long at work. Hope Anna liked them!

Mehndi Party

My sister’s friend Jo asked me to make her some cakes to take to a hen night with her for an Indian bride.  She didn’t give me too many restrictions on what I could do so I decided to use the mehndi patterns found in henna designs as my inspiration. I do love a paisley pattern and had bought this background paper the other week. I actually think I bought it to give to my sister for a book paper but I think I might have to keep it! Sorry Sarah!IMG_0722

Anyway here are Jo’s cakes. Her friend is dairy and wheat free so I made the butternut squash lemon cakes from Harry Eastwood’s new book with some minor adaptations. I thought they were really tastey actually, nicer than courgette cakes which have a bit of an after taste.  So the white flooded fondant cakes were the butternut squash lemon cakes and the red flooded buttercream cakes were just regular vanilla.IMG_0726

All were hand piped with royal icing and hand coloured with gold dust. I really enjoyed doing these, a lovely way to spend a friday evening.










Next week I’ll be testing out my teaching skills on a group of locals….should be fun, hope it’s not chaos in the kitchen!

Macmillan cancer fundraiser

Steph at work organised an event to support Macmillan cancer care and raise money for the charity. It’s a brilliant cause and I was delighted to make a few cakes for the occasion.  Just vanilla this time, gluten free and in the Macmillian greens.  There were so many cakes on offer we were spoilt for choice.  It’s been a great fundraiser too and through doing this I’ve met lots of new people at work.  We’re starting up a baking club to swap recipes, talk about techniques and cooking tips and probably eat a cake or two.IMG_0706