Evening training event

Recently a neighbour of mine asked me to show some of the women in her ‘Groworms’ group how to make cake toppings.  It was a great chance for me to try out teaching others some of the basics of sugarpaste, royal icing and buttercream swirls.  We only had 2 1/2 hours to cram it all in but I think they were all happy.  I bought some nasty cheap little cakes from Tesco for them to practise on and they took home about 3 of my cakes each. The group was quite large (I think 12 in all) and we only just squashed around the table.  What was lovely was that some mums and daughters came (and mums and sons too!) to join in the fun together.


 And yes, because it was a Friday night, we had a few glasses of wine to help the artistic talents to flow.


There was some real talent out there and I’ve made a note of a few people I will be calling on to help when I’ve got some big orders to work on!

I’ve just been asked to do another one of these type of evening events so hopefully this will be another string to my bow.

Hen nights, parties, family get togethers, team building exercises?!?! There are no limits with a bit of cake and some buttercream! Thanks to Wendy for organising and hosting the event.