Monthly Archives: June 2010

Distilled 5th Birthday party

The wife of a friend at work was having a company party to celebrate their 5th anniversary and so she asked me if I’d have a go at making some cakes which looked like their logo.

This was great fun as it was a simple logo but the colours were so intense and the shape of the tear drops just lent themselves to being translated into sugarpaste.

I did think I might try this in royal icing but I’m glad I decided to make them more 3D. The cakes were all vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

Cheryl’s 50th birthday

Our friends Pauline and Ian asked me to help celebrate Ian’s sister’s birthday last weekend. Cheryl is a teacher of English and special needs so we came up with the idea of incorporating Happy Birthday Cheryl in Braille around teh cake and some books of her favourite authors. The top of the cake is a blackboard and apparently she loves Cliff Richard!  Can you guess the line of text going round the cake? It’s my favourite quote from an Austen novel…

Top cake is chocolate and lemon curd, bottom cake is vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream….yummy.

Baby shower

The lovely Lucy asked me to make her some cakes for her baby shower a couple of weekends ago.  I’ve done a couple of these for friends now and quite enjoy making teddies!

These were vanilla with vanilla or chocolate ganache buttercream.

I couldn’t decide on the third colour at first but I think the orange works with the blue and chocolate.

Some of the decorations are hand made, some are cutters – although I think I might have to retire the FMM cutters as they get such a bashing trying to knock the sugarpaste out. I wonder if anyone else has stubborn FMM cutters!?