Baby shower

The lovely Lucy asked me to make her some cakes for her baby shower a couple of weekends ago.  I’ve done a couple of these for friends now and quite enjoy making teddies!

These were vanilla with vanilla or chocolate ganache buttercream.

I couldn’t decide on the third colour at first but I think the orange works with the blue and chocolate.

Some of the decorations are hand made, some are cutters – although I think I might have to retire the FMM cutters as they get such a bashing trying to knock the sugarpaste out. I wonder if anyone else has stubborn FMM cutters!?


3 thoughts on “Baby shower

  1. Sprinkles

    Your cupcakes are beautiful! We loved them so much we have included them in a feature on Baby Boy cupcakes. You can see it on the PartyCupcake Ideas website.

  2. Holly Day

    I have seen a lot of different baby shower cupcake designs on the Web those last weeks – I just discover that cupcakes are edible otherwise I thought they were just decorative!

    One thing I noticed about them is that there’s always a way to make them look like first class decorations but it’s the first time that I see so many cupcakes of different colors matching each other so well!

  3. sockervisp

    It is allways fun to finde new inspiring sites, I love how you make a lot of your cupcakes with the smaller swirl, and everything else =)
    /Emma from Sweden

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