Monthly Archives: August 2010

Henna Hen party

My sister’s friend Jo is getting married and had her hen party the other weekend.  Sarah asked me to come along to her picnic on the Sunday and bring some cakes of course!

I did some Henna ones for Jo before and she asked for them again.

Henna is proving popular I’ve got another Henna order for September…

Eva’s London cake

Our lovely neighbour and friend Eva left to go back to Malaysia the other weekend so Amy threw her a big party.

I made her a cake with London landmarks on it to remind her of her time here.  I was going to make her a big cat cake but thought that was too mean.

(She REALLY hates cats!)

This is the O2 (not a bridge EVA!), london bus, taxi, Gherkin and pigeon

Policeman, crown jewels, big ben, phone box, union jack, underground and GLA building

Eva and her Aunty Amy

Cup of tea cake

For Phil’s mum’s birthday I made her a cake with a cup on top, partly because she always offers tea when you go to her house- the tonic to cure all – but also because she loves collecting blue and white patterned crockery.

This is the first time I have done something so delicate as a florist paste cup and it took a couple of practice runs to get it how I wanted it.
Next one, the tea pot!