Monthly Archives: October 2010

Chocolate cherry to make Tony merry

My lovely friend Tony (who has had a few ‘commissioned’ cakes from me in the past) was remembered again on his birthday this year with a simple but hopefully tastey chocolate cherry mix.

I’ve bought a new nozzle – can you tell – it’s gorgeous and makes these big rose swirls which are so luxurious and don’t require any flooding first. Ha ha! I do like flooding but it does use up so much more buttercream.

Also I have a new worktop. At last.

Millie turns 5

I can’t believe it’s such a long time since I did any posting! Millie’s birthday seems like such a long time ago.  Millie decided she would have a Cowgirls and Cowboys theme this year (I can’t tell you what a mad dash it was to get straw bales in time!) which I thought was a great theme.

Of course it was all inspired by the latest Pixar animation, Toy Story 3 which we had already seen and Millie’s fondness for Jessie continues.  So, a Jessie cake was made. Happy Birthday Millie.

Wedding tester Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This is the lovely Sian and James who came to see us a couple of of months ago for lunch.  Sian and I used to work together and she’s asked me to have a go at making her a wedding taster box.   She’s having a wonderfully 50s inspired ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’ wedding which is so classic and stylish. I had a go at a few designs and she took the cakes away to think over what she preferred the best.

It was a lovely box to do and Sian gave me lots of inspiration to think about as well as doing some research myself.  I think the simplest bows work best although I think they might have to be thinner and more delicate.  The single black strap with a diamonte clasp was a favourite but of couse the diamonte isn’t edible!  I did buy some edible diamonds and used them but I didn’t think they were very successful.

Hopefully I’ll find out in the next few weeks whether she’d like me to make her cakes and which designs she selects. Very exciting!