Monthly Archives: March 2011

Valentine’s Day fundraiser

I helped out a colleague at work raising money for his London marathon run by making a box of cakes to raffle at work.  Had I known that the appetite for raffles never mind cakes was so strong I would have done this months ago! The first prize was a box of chocolate cakes with a rose and three runners up went home with a lovely box of iced biscuits each.  Terrible shame that I didn’t take any photos at the event as we drew quite a crowd! 

Hettie School Musical

Our not so little any more, little daughter had her 4th birthday in January and requested a

High School Musical cake. This was a chocolate/vanilla cake and featured my first attempts at

modelling characters.  Troy Bolton wasn’t supposed to be leaning over her shoulder quite as much as

that but Hettie was overjoyed!