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Roses for Rose

Louie’s nan was 85 last week and she also had a Little Bird Bakery Cake (this family is my best customer, did you notice?!) to celebrate.  Roses for a Rose and also a few other flowers thrown into a flower pot although I hope there aren’t any horticulturalists looking at my flowers, some of them are very much based on fantasy rather than reality!  However, I enjoyed going back to flowers, it’s been a while and it was good to practice using florist paste again. I think these might be repeated!

Must find a new camera man too…IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1712 IMG_1714

The Yard Theatre fundraising sheep

The lovely Yard theatre had a fundraising campaign (they reached their targets clever things) and so to help out in a small way, I made some sheep. Yes, I know, why sheep but there is a logic. You’ll just have to work it out! ha ha.

Here’s some woolly jumpers on cakes. They sold like hot jumpers and I expect I’ll do some more cakes for The Yard Theatre at some point. By the way, check out their website and get down there as its a great space with some fantastic work by emerging and established artist.

IMG_1535 IMG_1530 IMG_1529 IMG_1534 IMG_1532 IMG_1527

Updating the blog at last: some from the archives

I’ve long been meaning to update the blog with more cake pictures so finally, I have a chance to do this today.

So, looking back through the archives, I don’t think you’ve seen Snakes on a Cake! I think this was for Gilbert’s birthday (or it could have been Edgar, sorry boys!)

Snakes on a cakeSorry about the bad photo, my camera man is a bit unreliable sometimes!


And a few more of Jenny’s mum’s cake as it was quite nice!

IMG_1570 IMG_1571 IMG_1572











We had a team meeting at work and I decided to make cake with faces-afterall it’s all about people. So to celebrate I made 30 faces in the brand colours. It certainly was interesting seeing people select their cake! Behind the faces was carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

Musical theme

This batch of 12 were an orange cupcake base with various music inspired toppings.

This sugarpaste cat also sat on a cupcake.  The batch was for a guy who loves chilling out with music and his cat (40th birthday)

Mehndi Party

My sister’s friend Jo asked me to make her some cakes to take to a hen night with her for an Indian bride.  She didn’t give me too many restrictions on what I could do so I decided to use the mehndi patterns found in henna designs as my inspiration. I do love a paisley pattern and had bought this background paper the other week. I actually think I bought it to give to my sister for a book paper but I think I might have to keep it! Sorry Sarah!IMG_0722

Anyway here are Jo’s cakes. Her friend is dairy and wheat free so I made the butternut squash lemon cakes from Harry Eastwood’s new book with some minor adaptations. I thought they were really tastey actually, nicer than courgette cakes which have a bit of an after taste.  So the white flooded fondant cakes were the butternut squash lemon cakes and the red flooded buttercream cakes were just regular vanilla.IMG_0726

All were hand piped with royal icing and hand coloured with gold dust. I really enjoyed doing these, a lovely way to spend a friday evening.










Next week I’ll be testing out my teaching skills on a group of locals….should be fun, hope it’s not chaos in the kitchen!