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Gruffalo for Louie

Lucky Louie had a Gruffalo cake for his birthday and it was nearly as big as him! I just forgot about the knobbly knees but he had everything else a Gruffalo should have. This was also a bit of an engineering trial but I’m glad to report that his head stayed firmly in place until the appropriate moment of cutting the cake. Phew!


Updating the blog at last: some from the archives

I’ve long been meaning to update the blog with more cake pictures so finally, I have a chance to do this today.

So, looking back through the archives, I don’t think you’ve seen Snakes on a Cake! I think this was for Gilbert’s birthday (or it could have been Edgar, sorry boys!)

Snakes on a cakeSorry about the bad photo, my camera man is a bit unreliable sometimes!


And a few more of Jenny’s mum’s cake as it was quite nice!

IMG_1570 IMG_1571 IMG_1572










Millie turns 5

I can’t believe it’s such a long time since I did any posting! Millie’s birthday seems like such a long time ago.  Millie decided she would have a Cowgirls and Cowboys theme this year (I can’t tell you what a mad dash it was to get straw bales in time!) which I thought was a great theme.

Of course it was all inspired by the latest Pixar animation, Toy Story 3 which we had already seen and Millie’s fondness for Jessie continues.  So, a Jessie cake was made. Happy Birthday Millie.

14th birthday party training event

A contact through Brentwood School asked me to host her daughter’s 14th birthday party at her house. I haven’t done one of these parties before so thought it would be a great opportunity!

I made the birthday girl some cupcakes of her own and also as a demonstration tool.  Once again the winning cupcake was given a little prize, this time a swirly looking cat!

I think the girls enjoyed it, it’s difficult to tell….