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Christmas stall in Brentwood

I did a little church Christmas fete on Saturday, invited by an old school friend of Phil’s. It wasn’t that successful in terms of numbers of people through the door but it was fun to do anyway. I think we spent our profits on the lucky dip!

I made gingerbread biscuits….

Lemon cupcakes……

Coffee caramel cupcakes…hmmmmmmm

Me and my little helpers…

Millie really liked the idea of having a stall and selling cakes, but then I always did as a child too. My first career choice was working in the Coop…

Gooey, sticky bananaery, gluten free chocolate brownies…

ProvingĀ a popular choice with an added festive tase, apple slice with mince meat…


My sister in law asked me if I wanted to have a stall at her kids’ pre school Chistmas fair so I though it was a good opportunity to have a go and see if I’d like doing a stall.

It wasn’t the most productive night with rain and probably the recession keeping people away but I was next to a fantastic lady callled Lyn who was brilliant at giving me lots of advice and contacts for stalls. My sister made the lovely stall decorations and, despite the background being awful to photograph I was quite happy with the stall.

I made triple chocolate, mince pie, vanilla and ginger cupcakes, gingerbread biscuits, oaty fruity biscuits, apple and cinnamon slices and snowball meringues.

Christmas decorations by Sarah Morpeth

Iced cookies…trickier than I thought

So last week I made some rolled cookie dough to practise making some cookies for a summer fete in a couple of weeks. I have since found anothe recipe which I’m going to try out again this weekend as I found this dough hard to manage – I think my butter was just too soft. I’m also trying to work out whether to put the sticks in before or after cooking. I tried both and it didn’t seem to make much difference but any advice would be gratefully received!

So, here’s the first batch of cookies.

Then on Friday myself and the kids did a bit of decorating. Millie turned out to be quite interested and quite good at it actually. Hettie had fun putting as much as possible on the top of her owl shaped cookie and then scraping it off and eating it.

It’s harder than it looks icing cookies… I tried the Royal Icing method after a kindly taste tester at work (Tony) told me he thought something crunchy on top would work well as the cookies were quite soft.

So here’s my attempt at icing cookies. I think I need to get the icing consistency better for piping but some of them weren’t too bad. They tasted nice anyway and bagged up in celophane with a ribbon I expect they’ll look better too!

Coming up next…skull and cross bones for a 14 year old’s paint ball party….