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Wedding tester Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This is the lovely Sian and James who came to see us a couple of of months ago for lunch.  Sian and I used to work together and she’s asked me to have a go at making her a wedding taster box.   She’s having a wonderfully 50s inspired ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’ wedding which is so classic and stylish. I had a go at a few designs and she took the cakes away to think over what she preferred the best.

It was a lovely box to do and Sian gave me lots of inspiration to think about as well as doing some research myself.  I think the simplest bows work best although I think they might have to be thinner and more delicate.  The single black strap with a diamonte clasp was a favourite but of couse the diamonte isn’t edible!  I did buy some edible diamonds and used them but I didn’t think they were very successful.

Hopefully I’ll find out in the next few weeks whether she’d like me to make her cakes and which designs she selects. Very exciting!

Henna Hen party

My sister’s friend Jo is getting married and had her hen party the other weekend.  Sarah asked me to come along to her picnic on the Sunday and bring some cakes of course!

I did some Henna ones for Jo before and she asked for them again.

Henna is proving popular I’ve got another Henna order for September…

Eva’s London cake

Our lovely neighbour and friend Eva left to go back to Malaysia the other weekend so Amy threw her a big party.

I made her a cake with London landmarks on it to remind her of her time here.  I was going to make her a big cat cake but thought that was too mean.

(She REALLY hates cats!)

This is the O2 (not a bridge EVA!), london bus, taxi, Gherkin and pigeon

Policeman, crown jewels, big ben, phone box, union jack, underground and GLA building

Eva and her Aunty Amy

Distilled 5th Birthday party

The wife of a friend at work was having a company party to celebrate their 5th anniversary and so she asked me if I’d have a go at making some cakes which looked like their logo.

This was great fun as it was a simple logo but the colours were so intense and the shape of the tear drops just lent themselves to being translated into sugarpaste.

I did think I might try this in royal icing but I’m glad I decided to make them more 3D. The cakes were all vanilla with vanilla buttercream.

Baby shower

The lovely Lucy asked me to make her some cakes for her baby shower a couple of weekends ago.  I’ve done a couple of these for friends now and quite enjoy making teddies!

These were vanilla with vanilla or chocolate ganache buttercream.

I couldn’t decide on the third colour at first but I think the orange works with the blue and chocolate.

Some of the decorations are hand made, some are cutters – although I think I might have to retire the FMM cutters as they get such a bashing trying to knock the sugarpaste out. I wonder if anyone else has stubborn FMM cutters!?


We had a team meeting at work and I decided to make cake with faces-afterall it’s all about people. So to celebrate I made 30 faces in the brand colours. It certainly was interesting seeing people select their cake! Behind the faces was carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

90th birthday cake – gardening theme

Phil’s grandad turned 90 in January but he wasn’t well enough to celebrate his birthday so it was postponed until April.  So we all went over to a pub in Essex to celebrate.  Irene made a fruit cake for me to decorate and we agreed on his love of gardening and growing vegetables.  He’s also got a little pond in his garden, although perhaps this one is a bit too like a mini swimming pool.

One day I might learn about scale but for now I’ll keep making giant vegetables and ladybirds!

I also have to pay tribute to Jo at Icing on the cake for giving me lots of inspiration and ideas for this cake!

Baby shower cupcakes

A friend from work who has left to go on maternity leave got a selection of cupcakes in the logo colours! Lemon cake with lemon buttercream

A few hand made teddies and cut out shapes in baby motifs.

I didn’t notice but when the cutter of the baby came out it looks just like the fairy liquid baby!