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The Yard Theatre fundraising sheep

The lovely Yard theatre had a fundraising campaign (they reached their targets clever things) and so to help out in a small way, I made some sheep. Yes, I know, why sheep but there is a logic. You’ll just have to work it out! ha ha.

Here’s some woolly jumpers on cakes. They sold like hot jumpers and I expect I’ll do some more cakes for The Yard Theatre at some point. By the way, check out their website and get down there as its a great space with some fantastic work by emerging and established artist.

IMG_1535 IMG_1530 IMG_1529 IMG_1534 IMG_1532 IMG_1527

Macmillan cancer fundraiser

Steph at work organised an event to support Macmillan cancer care and raise money for the charity. It’s a brilliant cause and I was delighted to make a few cakes for the occasion.  Just vanilla this time, gluten free and in the Macmillian greens.  There were so many cakes on offer we were spoilt for choice.  It’s been a great fundraiser too and through doing this I’ve met lots of new people at work.  We’re starting up a baking club to swap recipes, talk about techniques and cooking tips and probably eat a cake or two.IMG_0706