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Birthday cake for two teachers

The lovely Ali and Fiona celebrated their milestone birthday together in May this year. They’re both teachers so I decided to make a literature and teacher themed cake for their big bash.

None of the party guests got to eat any cake though, how funny! My camera man went on strike again, clearly….

IMG_4398 IMG_4402 IMG_4404 IMG_1487

Wedding cakes for Adi and Dave

My friend Adi asked us to her wedding and I also got the priviledge of making her wedding cakes.  They had a mix of carrot cakes and chocolate cakes and they were woodland themed to go along with the slight squirrel theme of the wedding. Another display of shabby chic/retro cake table which looked lovely with all her flea market tea cups and tea pots.

Adi kept to her Portuguese roots by continuing the tradition of linking arms to eat a cake each. Two little squirrel bride and groom sit on top of the chocolate top cake.

Hettie’s 6th birthday cake

Well, we’re just speeding through 2012 (I’m sure there were more cakes than this) and we’re up to December 2012 and Hettie’s Northumbrian/German birthday cake. Every year she and Sarah normally share half a special ring cake each but this year Sarah didn’t get hers as I was too ill to make it. Sorry Sarah.  So Hettie got a whole one to herself. Although Sarah ate most of it.

IMG_1536 IMG_1539IMG_1539